• Posted on: 13 January 2017
  • By: Christy Leos

1LAW is proud to announce the creation of Docubot™, a legal document generating artificial intelligence. In conjunction with some of the best lawyers in the United States, Docubot is drawing on form databases of 1000’s of legal documents. Docubot will assist individuals with legal queries as well as generate documents for them. To help serve Legal Aid, Docubot will allow users to interact via SMS text.

Tech specs:
- Written in Go at the server
- Powered by Watson – Watson rest API
- Swift on the iOS side
- Communication via Websocket protocol
- Back and forth handled through Websocket

Output –Everything is encrypted
The document is generated using a headless webkit browser that takes an HTML document and outputs a .pdf which is stored in a private S3 bucket and then a short-lived url is generated and sent to a user and each time a user loads the thread they will be given a new url. Document is backed up on the S3 server.