The Invisibles Project

FIELDS OF MEDICINE, EDUCATION AND MUSIC FOR HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS Institute is the hub for the first SSI digital identity projects in the fields of medicine and music for humanitarian rights, thanks to:

- Its large network of tech, legal, humanitarian professionals and organizations
- 8 years of experience of working with marginalized communities, see
- Has recently established the JusticeHub Innovation Lab

The Tubman Project

Project Description
Our justice system has a problem... Rather than a force for good, for keeping the good people of society safe from the criminal element, it has been tainted. It has been used to oppress the powerless and to keep the powerful safe from retribution. It has been used to invade poor communities and tear their families and communities apart. And, perhaps most insidiously, it has been used to create a massive slave labor force within the US... resulting in a country with 5% of the world population being home to 25% of the world's incarcerated. One in every four prisoners lives in the land of the free. Most of these people have never been given a fair trial.

They've never faced a jury, never had a chance to defend themselves... Instead, they were shuffled through the system. Scooped up by heavily armed police forces, thrown in front of a public defender for 5 minutes and told to plead guilty, regardless of whether they had done anything wrong. They were too poor to afford legal defense. Priced out of the market for justice. The goal of The Tubman Project is to make legal defense available to the masses. To create a fair and equitable system for all those who are bound by its laws. We can end the two-tiered justice system by using technology to bridge the gap. Our choice is to Surrender or Code.

Creating App of All Pennsylvania Judges

Project Description
build an interactive website, and mobile app with a dashboard

ROPES [Restoring Opportunities for Personal Enrichment and Success)

Project Description
ROPES is a mobile app and desktop interface that focuses on the experiences of probationers and parolees who are struggling to complete their court-ordered supervision. It acts as a platform by which supervisees can communicate with their probation or parole officers; find employment and community service opportunities, drug testing centers, shelters, and other resources based on location; upload and view their necessary paperwork directly to the court; and keep tabs on their progress, outstanding requirements, and important upcoming dates. To see more, please follow the Slack link under "Project Management Links" in the sidebar to the left.

National Legal Aid ODR Program

Project Description
The E-Solution Kits will
- Expand access to justice
- Generate funding from user fees to fully support both a 50-state ODR solution and legal aid services nationwide
- Forestall private sector competitors for the same market
- Integrate referrals from legal aid, legal self-help centers, veterans organizations, courts, document compilers, etc.
- Be thoroughly tested before expanding beyond its first SolutionKit to address parenting plans

Navigating DCFS

Project Description
The Department of Children and Family Services process is complex and how one acts or does not act during the process can have major implications on whether or not their families stay together. Our goal was to simplify the process with a visualization that can then be expanded to give individuals information on the pros, cons, options, and factors to consider at each stage of the process.

In My Language

Project Description
The demographics in our state have shifted considerably. 1 in 5 Chicagoans is now limited English proficient. We live in a multicultural country, multicultural state and we are more diverse than ever. This has caused agencies, stakeholders and providers to shift the work.

In My Language is a tool for limited English survivors as well as their advocates to access resources. Users start by selecting the language they want to use. The first page has a map of DV agencies, Courts and Police offices located within Chicago. The site also has sections that explain DV terms, the OP Process, the access to an interpreter and offer safety advice.


Project Description
When orders of protection are granted by the court the sheriff's office only goes out to serve them once between 9-5 when the recipient (i.e. abuser) is in their geographic jurisdiction. This results in orders of protection not being served and therefore not being enforceable. That results in the domestic violence and/or stalking victim having to take more time off work and get childcare in order to continue going to court to continue the order - causing more harm to someone who is already a victim.

Solution: Get orders of protection served by people more dedicated to the process than the sheriff's office is.

Legal Components: In IL the sheriff's office, a licensed detective agency, or anyone over 18 who is appointed by the court can serve process. This allows the usage of volunteers but does require that the lawyer bringing the order of protection request before the court to know the name of the volunteer before they go into court.

Implementation Concept: Allow lawyers to request a volunteer process server before going into court. Allow volunteers to accept or reject the request for a volunteer process server and get their name to the lawyer if they accept. The lawyer informs whether the order was granted or not and if granted gets the volunteers address to mail them the original order so they can serve it. The volunteer serves the order, signs the affidavit of delivery and updates the ticket and informs the lawyer. The domestic abuse survivor is protected by law and does not have to continue going to court related to the order of protection for a longer period of time.

Planning the Great Escape

Project Description
Individuals often do not identify with being a victim, often deny that there is a problem and want to avoid the stigmatism of being a DV victim. We want to encourage self-assessment of a relationship through a viral social media quiz.