JusticeHub Help Center

Astrid • 30 June 2017

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Welcome to the JusticeHub Help Center! Below are some general guidelines to getting the most out of JusticeHub.

Getting Started

JusticeHub is a social network and hub aimed to aid in the identification, prevention, mitigation and solving of justice issues that affect our communities.


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Sign Up

In order to get started please register for an account by hitting the Sign Up button. 

Confirm Your Account

After you sign up, you will receive an email from JusticeHub. Please click the link in order to confirm your account. 

Complete Your Profile

Once you log in to your account, make sure to complete your user profile. Since JusticeHub is a community of makers, researchers, and advocates it is important to indicate your unique skill set and the role that you would like to take on teams. This will be visible to others in the community and make it easier to gather groups around project ideas. 


Creating Together

As we mentioned before, JusticeHub is here to help bring different people together to create solutions! One of the first steps to doing this is to create a New Topic

Creating Topics

At the top right hand of the navigation bar you will see a " + " symbol. When you click here, it will show a drop down of new items that can be created. When you select "New Topic" a form will appear. Topics are a way of jotting down an idea or brainstorming session. These topics can be a way to spark discussion, formulate a new idea or even be the beginning of a new project. Topics can be kept private or made public for the community to see. 



The resource page is a place for the community to post and share articles, websites and tools that are relevant to the tech and justice community. There are new issues and sites popping up everyday, this resource page makes it easy to find things that may be useful to you and your groups as you build projects together. 



Projects are were groups of people can gather together to work on a solution. The purpose of creating a new project is to mark a solution that you or your team are actively working on. Be descriptive in explaining your project so that the community can determine where they might be able to assist. 

You will want to ensure that you recruit diverse teams for projects in order to get them off the ground. Some examples of team members can include: Project Manager, Social Services Advocate, User Experience Designer, Graphic Designer, Software Engineer, Technical Writer, Legal Domain Expert, Social Media Marketer. 




JusticeHub is first and foremost a community! We hope to make it easier for like minded individuals to work together to solve some of our toughest problems. Take the time to meet other members, read interesting links and articles and contribute to the growth of the justice layer of the internet.