TECH 101

Astrid • 30 June 2017

New to Tech, or to collaborating online? Here is a short list of common tools to get you started

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in your project building. 


GitHub is an open source platform for storing code and collaborating with others to build projects. This tool is heavily used in the software industry because you can access your code from anywhere and version control. But it's not just for developers. If you have an open source project, you should sign up for a GitHub account so that you can keep track of progress and contribute!

2. Trello

Trello is a free and open source project management tool. It allows you to create list and cards that can be assigned to group members. There are also features like setting due dates, and priorities that help to sort out who is doing what. 

3. Airtable

Another free project management tool that is allows for setting up several projects and assigning tasks. The layout differs from Trello, and often there are people who prefer either Trello or Airtable for project management needs. 

4. CodePen

Code pen allows you to quickly and easily code up front end solutions and store them as projects. This can be a great way to mock up a design for the front end using the code. It can be shared with group members easily, and since the code is real, easily transferred into the project that you are working on.

5. UxPin

UxPin is a rapid prototyping system for small teams. You can design, share, and test prototypes with your team members. 

6. Dribble

Get inspired by checking out designs on dribble, a show and tell playground for designers

7. Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is a q/a site that developers use to get around technical hurdles. If you are unsure how something can be utilized, coded or created, chances are you should get started by searching through this site. It is a trusted site for technical solutions.

8. MailChimp

A resource that allows you to build lists of customers, market your ideas through newsletters and campaigns, and make it possible to take your project to a larger audience. 

9. Agile Methodologies

Agile is a method of developing software through collaboration and teams. It is less about meetings and more about individual accountability. It is facilitated by open communication systems, like forums and chat, and a decentralized leadership style. Basically a great way to build software together. 

10. MindMup

Free mind mapping software that makes it easy to take ideas and develop a bigger project on paper. It can be created online and shared with others.