IBO’s Microcommerce Justice Campaign: Helping Achieve the SDGs by Bridging the Digital Divide: Transformative Justice in the Digital Age – Fairness and Freedom

  • creating new global society in cyberspace, creating new social contract for an interconnected world based on human dignity, equity and inclusion – SDGs agenda provides an opportunity to advance a new globally networked paradigm for transformative justice in a digital age
  • Setting the context: (for poverty reduction) over 1 billion live on less than $1/day – no identity
  • 2 billion people: no access to health care & transport – mobile device is the key, but identity legal framework is lacking
  • In fact, beyond identity legal framework, the need to catalyze development of a trusted governance structure for cyberspace is paramount
  • empower women and children, develop global partnerships for development and self-sovereign identity
  • Information economy with mobile access  matters for poverty reduction (may decrease poverty)
    • poverty as moving target of globalization
    • combination of media and ICT in 2010 (digital convergence era)
    • need access to information as well as access to generating tools for using this knowledge
    • Information economy--SDG and identity, poverty reduction, climate justice and rule of law
    • Requirements for win-win
      • offline must meet with online
      • governments meet with civil society – rule of law for a flat word requires reorientation of who makes rules
      • globalization to meet with rural and remote areas
    • Economic reform -> Knowledge economy (2020)