A social network & hub aimed to aid in the identification, prevention, mitigation and solving of justice issues that affect our communities.


JusticeHub.tools is dedicated to self-defined participation, open source development, attribution, and benefit.

Let's be honest - how many times have you heard of or have come up with a great idea to solve a problem and then find out months later that someone has already created (or are currently working on) that exact solution for their community or clients? It can be incredibly frustrating to have our efforts become invalidated or to have wasted time, the result usually being a project is abandoned or loses steam due to silo-ing that stems from competing for the same grant money or consumer dollars.

OR maybe you see injustice in your community and aren't sure how to help or who else is working on the issues you care about.

It takes everyone’s voice to improve our justice system – those in need – advocates – activists - law students – legal aid – coders - businesses – entrepreneurs – data analysts – shelter workers – government officials – anyone who realizes that it is time to change processes that no longer serve the people. JusticeHub is a space where everyone contributes and works as equals to support the creation of solutions for our communities. By adopting the open source collaboration model, we are able to build upon each other's work in a meaningful and open way.

Add your voice and experience to the effort to better understand the barriers to equal access to justice and use this platform to better coordinate with those who are creating solutions.

You can provide feedback on our feedback form or follow us on Twitter.  Welcome to the JusticeHub Community!

A message from Ed Marks, Director of New Mexico Legal Aid: Why We Need a JusticeHub