ROPES [Restoring Opportunities for Personal Enrichment and Success)

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Project: ROPES [Restoring Opportunities for Personal Enrichment and Success)
Project Goal:
To help probationers and parolees more easily comply with the terms of their court-ordered supervision, enabling them to complete their obligations more successfully and getting them out of the system and back into society.
ROPES is a mobile app and desktop interface that focuses on the experiences of probationers and parolees who are struggling to complete their court-ordered supervision. It acts as a platform by which supervisees can communicate with their probation or parole officers; find employment and community service opportunities, drug testing centers, shelters, and other resources based on location; upload and view their necessary paperwork directly to the court; and keep tabs on their progress, outstanding requirements, and important upcoming dates. To see more, please follow the Slack link under "Project Management Links" in the sidebar to the left.
Project Process:
Please join the ROPES Workspace on Slack if you'd like to be a part of the project:
Denver, CO
Law Enforcement
Skills Needed: