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Welcome to the Help Center! Below are some general guidelines for getting the most out of JusticeHub.



Getting Started

Check out our video walkthrough series: 

Sign Up

To get started, please register for an account by clicking on the Sign-Up button and filling out the appropriate information. 

Confirm Your Account

After you sign up, you will receive an email from Please click the link to confirm your account. (If you have not received an email, check your Spam folder.)

Complete Your Profile

Once you log in to your account, make sure to complete your user profile. edit_profile




Since is a community of makers, researchers, and advocates it is important to indicate your unique skill set, interests, and the role that you would like to take on teams. This will be visible to others in the community and make it easier to gather groups around project ideas. 


Creating Together

As we mentioned before, is here to help bring different people together to create solutions! Before you create a new project, event, or topic, explore the platform by using Search, check out All Projects, or browse the Community database.  

You can now filter users by skills or interests; projects by interest, types, or city; and update your profile and add projects with our new forms. even posts a weekly featured pitch on the most innovative projects to date. 


Projects are where groups of people can gather together to work on a solution. The purpose of creating a new project is to mark a solution that you or your team are actively working on. Be descriptive in explaining your project so that the community can determine where they might be able to assist. 

create new project





The project profile can be public or private, tagged by shared skill and subject matter interest, document tasks and needed roles, list development processes and collaboration tool links, and let other members know you are looking for collaborators. 

Creating Topics

When you select "New Topic" a form will appear. Topics are a way of jotting down an idea or brainstorming session. These topics can be a way to spark discussion, formulate a new idea or even be the beginning of a new project. Topics can be seen by only the community or made public for non-logged in users. 

Creating Events

When you select "New Event" a form will appear. Share events connected to your project for your nonvirtual and virtual collaborations. Events can be seen by only the community or made public for non-logged in users. You also have the ability to keep track of enrollments. 


Get Involved can only succeed with the support of builders and movers like you. Read the platform's community standards, provide feedback, or check out Tips and Tricks for additional resources such as hackathon how-tos, problem sets, and much more!