Why We Need A JusticeHub

A message from Ed Marks, Director of New Mexico Legal Aid




Is a weekend Hackathon your idea of excitement? Can you configure a VPN using AES-256 encryption to keep clients’ data secure?

Wait! Whether your answer is an enthusiastic “Sign me up!” or a resounding “I have no idea what you are talking about!” – JusticeHub.tools is the place for you to be.  For Legal Aid directors, attorneys, paralegals, and our partners in the private bar and the judiciary, JusticeHub.tools is here to bridge the lawyer/techie divide, connecting advocates who know “Here’s what our clients and staff need to be able to do” with innovative technology designers who know “Here’s how we’re going to build a mobile phone app, new software or a website that will do it.”

JusticeHub.tools “Pitch Portal” features will allow talented technology providers from across the nation and beyond to respond directly to legal aid ideas and requests for help. Legal aid leaders also will be able to see works in progress as they evolve in JusticeHub.tools project spaces so that they can more easily understand and get access to new technology solutions that others have initiated.

And, if you are a talented techie looking to help make justice real for thousands of vulnerable low-income people, then JusticeHub.tools gives you an easily accessible virtual marketplace to match your skills and interests to legal aid programs who need your expertise, no matter what the physical distance between your door and theirs.  

We hope that JusticeHub.tools will be a win-win for lawyers and techies alike. Legal aid programs need practical, easy to use and innovative technologies to get better results for more low-income clients. If it works for legal aid, technology partners can also customize their products for law firms and court systems throughout the country.

Please join the JusticeHub.tools community today. Dive in and help make justice happen!